About LimitCRUSHER

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!”

Every single one of us has his own dreams and wants to be successful in life. Do you know what’s amazing? Everyone can make these dreams a reality. You can reach anything you want in your life. There is only one major thing staying in the way – your own limits.

Everyone has limits, even we do. And only someone, who knows how to overcome these limits, can become successful.

We have been thinking for a really long time about ways, how to help people all around the world crush their limits and make them achieve their biggest dreams. You have one life, one opportunity to make your dreams come true. If you miss this opportunity, there isn’t a new one coming. You can’t spend your whole life dreaming about things and not doing anything to make them a reality!

LimitCRUSHER brand was based in 2018 in Slovakia and with warehouses in Charlotte, USA and Riga, Latvia, we are ready to fulfill any international orders as fast as possible.

Our goal isn’t selling ordinary cheap motivational t-shirts you can find in any clothing store. We want to be special. Our biggest goal when picking products we wanted to sell, was to choose the highest quality products, which are really stylish and feel perfect on body. We currently work with suppliers from USA, Europe and Asia, which guarantee the best product quality. The whole process of building our brand was a really hard mission, but finally we did it and LimitCRUSHER brand became reality. OUR dream became reality. Now it is your turn to make YOUR dreams a reality!

Our clothing and accessories are ready do be with you during whole challenging route of chasing dreams and crushing limits. They are ready to experience all the stress, anger, sweat and tears, but also the biggest life achievements and tears of happiness with you.

They will motivate you to chase your dreams and crush all the limits, which will get in your way. Whether we talk about casual hoodie or t-shirt, tank top in the gym, beanie for cold days or stylish snapback, our clothing and accessories will always remind you, what you want to achieve in your life.

Because dreams don’t work unless you do. You got 1 life. So go out there, crush your limits and make those dreams come true!

We wish you amazing moments spent with our clothing and accessories!

LimitCRUSHER team.